About Us


Having worked in creative design and fashion for over 30 years, Gill decided it was time to launch Doris and Boris. Launched in 2011, Gill wanted to create a business which nurtured nostalgia while embracing modernity. Fond of old unloved but robust and durable furniture, she realized that with a little creative magic and crafted TLC, these relics could be given a new lease of life.




So started the journey to find unusual pieces of pre loved and discarded furniture that could be reinvigorated and revived! Trips to French Brocantes, Auctions in the back and beyond and  rummages in junk yards enabled Gill to find the perfect treasures…..and so the upcycling process started!


Our trusty craftsmen are busy rejuvenating as we speak and we are constantly introducing new product to the site….so make sure you keep looking!

We hope you enjoy exploring Doris &Boris and find a piece of treasure for your home!